• Mylo leg stretch
  • Gemma knee PEMF
  • Mylo atlas mobilisation
  • Gemma leg stretch
  • Matilda ultrasound
  • Mylo laser
  • Gemma leg stretch
  • Matilda back massage
  • Gemma leg stretch
  • Mylo neck massage

Who am I?

Jemima Hilton-Berry, B.Sc. (Hons) PG Dip. An. Phys., is the owner of Hilton Berry Animal Physiotherapy based in East Sussex and covers all areas in the South East of England.

She has owned and cared for a wide range of animals throughout her life, and now dedicates her time to their health and well-being via Physiotherapy.

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What is Animal Physiotherapy and how can it help?

Animal Physiotherapy is used to rehabilitate and maintain health, mobility, function and performance in all animals whether they are your top competitor or your best friend.

A full treatment will assess your animals gait, mobility, muscle balance, muscle, tendon and ligament elasticity and strength, joint and limb flexibility and range of movement and overall suppleness. Physiotherapy can treat a broad spectrum of conditions whether it is performance, medical or surgically related, with goals remaining the same:

  • to reduce pain
  • to regain full joint range of movement
  • to restore and enhance strength
  • to regain full functionality
  • to form a relevant exercise plan to avoid re-injury
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